Rispondi al sondaggio OMS sulla formazione sui determinanti sociali. Per giovani medici

sondaggioOMSUn sondaggio dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità, rivolto a giovani medici, sulla preparazione che l’università offre in tema di determinanti sociali di salute. Bastano pochi minuti per rispondere.



Junior Docs… if you have a minute please fill out this survey about inclusion of the Social Determinants of Health in medical training…
“The World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently surveying junior doctors worldwide to ask their opinions on the importance of Social Determinants of Health within their medical training and practice. As part of this, we have created the following survey, which takes up to 10 minutes to complete. We would very much appreciate it if you could take some time to fill it in, to better help the WHO to understand the current status of this important area.”

Rispondi al sondaggio


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